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Febris SCW Overview

Mould causes enormous damage every year. Financially affected are mainly tenants, landlords, owners of private homes, insurance companies and housing companies. Furthermore, there are health risks for affected residents. With the help of an innovative IoT solution and a sophisticated sensor, we want to act preventively against a potential formation of mold. We'll warn you before it's too late and the mold starts to form. In doing so, we want to reduce costs for tenants, landlords and insurances, avoid conflicts between the different parties and sustainably promote the health of residents. The solution will benefit the parties affected by financial damage in the event of a potential mould infestation, as well as expert offices and those affected, who have the burden of proof.

The Febris-SCW is another sensor from the Febris series, which has been specially tailored to the needs of mold prevention in residential construction. The sensor records at regular intervals the temperature and rel. Humidity with highest precision and at the same time has a temperature-compensated surface thermometer. If the specified limit value is exceeded, the sensor gives a direct warning both acoustically via a buzzer and visually via bright LEDs. In addition, the data is transmitted at regular intervals via NB-IoT, LoRaWAN® or MIOTY®. This allows rooms or entire buildings to be monitored efficiently. The sensor is powered by 4xAA cells, which are easily replaceable. With a simple double tap on the sensor, an immediate measurement can be triggered manually. Wall mounting is recommended. We work with high-quality sensor modules that achieve accurate results.

Why surface temperature is essential

Temperature and rel. Humidity can be a good indicator, but the wall temperature is crucial for reliable statements. From the temperature and the rel. Humidity can be determined the dew point. If the wall temperature is around the dew point, the water condenses on and in the walls and there is a risk of mould.  The air is saturated with water vapour. In reality, however, 70% to 80% rel. Humidity on the wall Mould hazard. An example: If the room temperature is 21°C and the rel. Humidity is 60% so the dew point is 12.9°C. If you now measure a wall temperature of 16°C the rel. Humidity on the wall ~82%, i.e. there is a risk of mould, although the rel. Humidity in the room is only 60%. Therefore, surface temperature measurement is indispensable. Furthermore, the time factor is decisive in mold formation. It is only on the basis of average values and persistent, recurring adverse conditions that one can conclude about a potential hazard. That is why the transfer and storage of data makes sense here and enables well-founded long-term analyses. In principle, ventilation times and cycles can be extracted from the data if required, allowing ventilation protocols to be automated and digitized.



  • Precise measurement of temperature, rel. Humidity and surface temperature
  • Calculation of rel. Humidity on the wall and the dew point
  • Available with mioty®, LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Provisioning via NFC and downlinks available
  • Acoustic signal via buzzer and optical feedback
  • Double Tap triggers instant measurement and output (optional)
  • Cellular communication via CoAP via Sentinum Datahub available (generic LWM2M upcoming)
  • Example applications: Use in gymnasiums, cellars, warehouses, educational facilities, office buildings, institutions, flats, vehicles, retirement homes, restaurants, hotels, etc.Untitled


Scope of delivery

  • Sensor incl. Batteries


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